I begin all my wallpaper jobs by getting a general idea of what the client’s aesthetic is.  From there I will make an appointment to meet you at your house, look at the space and take measurements.  At this first meeting I will also bring wallpaper samples that I think may work.  The only way to know if a wallpaper will look good in a room is to have the actual sample.  Never fear, if we don’t find a paper on that first meeting I will order more samples, and we will meet again!  Nook has access to about 300,000 wallpapers, so finding a paper that is just right has never been a problem.  After we have chosen a paper, I will use the measurements of the room and determine exactly how much paper we will need and what the labor cost to hang it.  Nook will coordinate the installation, ordering, and any other items needed to hang the paper!  Average instalation time is 1 day/1 room. 

Why you want a professional to do the job?

Where do I begin with this one?  Wallpaper can seem so simple and unassuming.  Well, in actuality there can be many pitfalls.  From ordering the proper amount, to the type of glue, to the proper trimming of seams.  Every paper has its own set of unique characteristics.  Nook prides itself on having good relationships with vendors, reps, and installers.  The result are jobs that run smoother and turn out beautifully.